CardioLog Web Analytics For SharePoint 2010 Released!

Intlock is proud to announce the launch of CardioLog's web analytics adaptor for SharePoint 2010!

Many organizations are anxious to discover the analytics and usage report capabilities that will be offered for SharePoint 2010. In light of this, Intlock welcomes you to check out CardioLog Reports vs. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Analytics Reports, a thorough comparison table that enables you to differentiate between SharePoint 2010 web analytics and CardioLog's distinctive solution.
The CardioLog adaptor for SharePoint 2010 includes:

  • An independent JavaScript tracking agent for collecting browser activity for SharePoint 2010, similar to the CardioLog MOSS tracking agent.
  • Comprehensive and enhanced usage reports - CardioLog reports.
  • Enhanced reporting segments through integration with SharePoint 2010 SSP Profiles, SharePoint 2010 groups and security info, SharePoint 2010 document metadata, Active Directory user attributes, and more.
  • Track usage within the SharePoint 2010 Workspace (offline experience).
  • For a full list of features: CardioLog adaptor for SharePoint 2010.

 Migrating from SharePoint 2003/2007 to the new SharePoint 2010 can be cumbersome, and we at Intlock are committed to doing our best to ensure that your analytic needs are met throughout the entire transition process. Thus, you will be able to monitor both environments while you migrate to SharePoint 2010 at no additional cost. This is a limited-time offer, so take advantage of it before it’s too late! Sign up now!

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