CardioLog 2010 New Version Released []


CardioLog 2010 New Version Released []

We have released a new version for CardioLog 2007 []. It includes all the latest hotfixes.
1. CardioLog Agent: 
Retrieving Windows Server 2008 IPs (IP4 format)
2. CardioLog UI:
New product edition - CardioLog Standard
Premade reports in Report Center
Localization - German, French, Spanish
Visitor segmentation by SharePoint user profiles
Reports drill down inherits the user/group/category filters
Global show/hide flag for portal tree deleted items
UI alerts when page views usage is at 85% and when page views limit is exceeded
Page Views and Unique Users reports performance enhancements
Data Export API
3. Administration:
MOSS Adaptor - integration with the SharePoint API for retrieving the portal structure
MOSS Adaptor – storing size, editor, spid data
SharePoint 2003 Adaptor - optional use of SQL "nolock"
Report scheduling - support for secure SMTP with a non-default port and for configuring the default email sender and subject
Portal Tree Updates Service - enhanced performance
AD Updates Service - enhanced performance and reduction of memory usage
4. Installer:
Support for IIS 6/7 running in 64-bit mode
For more details about this release, see the CardioLog 2007 Release Notes and the CardioLog 2007 Change Log.

We have released a new version for CardioLog 2010 [].

It includes the following enhancements:

1. Portal Adaptors and Environments:

  • SharePoint 2010 Adaptor
  • SharePoint Tracking Agent - duration events are now fired on page unload

2. CardioLog UI:

  • New Reports - OS, External Destinations, Document Versioning
  • Custom columns for the Unique Users table report, based on user categories
  • Support for date localization in chart dates
  • Configurable default value for table/chart height and width
  • Chart reports - changed "Aggregated" to "All pages", "Specific" to "Homepage". 
  • Chart reports - removed the "Specific" series from the default preferences.
  • Table reports - show 100 rows by default
  • Disable "Export to Excel" in Report Edit Mode for Standard/Professional
  • Disable "Re/Generate Report" for Standard/Professional

3. Administration:

  • Data Export API - support for filtering by user categories, and setting chart preferences
  • Added "Once", "Never" to service scheduling types
  • Improved execution for deleting history data 
  • Improved execution for fixing "lost events"

4. Installer:

  • Assign the CardioLog administrator role to the CardioLog Service account


For more details about this release, see the CardioLog 2010 Release Notes and the CardioLog Change Log.

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