CardioLog 2011 New Version Released []


CardioLog 2011 New Version Released []

We have released a new version for CardioLog 2011 []. It includes the following enhancements:

1. CardioLog UI:

  • Reports tree UI - enhanced performance
  • Portal tree UI - enhanced performance
  • Full support for Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Remove "Unavailable" from the Internal Traffic Sources report
  • Change "Portal Analysis" back to "Analysis Center"

2. Administration:

  • License for product upgrade
  • License for masking visitor PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in reports
  • License for Traffic Sources reports
  • License for displaying IP addresses
  • Secure the Site Statistics SharePoint feature

3. Installer:

  • Canceled prerequisite - SQL Server 2005/2008 Command Line Query
  • Canceled prerequisite - SQL Server 2005 Backward Compatibility Components
New standalone package for SharePoint Internet Sites
 New Reports:
o All Traffic Sources
o Search Engines
o Search Phrases
o Referring Sites
o Referring Pages
o Referring Campaigns
 Optional collection of traffic source data
 Report Center - new out-of-the-box traffic source reports
 Use of IP address as username for anonymous sites

For more details about this release, see the CardioLog Release Notes and the CardioLog Change Log.

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