Patch for CardioLog 2011 Released v2.0.3.1

We have released a patch for CardioLog 2011 v2.0.3.0, which includes the following fixes:


BUG: A JavaScript error occurs when browsing through paged results.

BUG: No results in reports when filtering by portal item with Nordic characters in its name.

BUG: The following reports are missing the advanced tab (preferences) - Portal Inventory Chart, Failed Internal Searches Meter, Top Page Views Ratio Meter, Search Failure Rate Meter.

BUG: When the PII Concealment feature is enabled, it is possible to filter a report for a single user by entering the user name manually and clicking "Add".

BUG: A JavaScript error occurs when opening search results in Object Explorer (in Analysis Center), then closing the popup window and then trying to open it again.

BUG: When creating a report from template, the following error appears - "Error loading data from server".

BUG: Object Explorer search and item properties do not return results when the total size of all SharePoint tree items > 4 GB.

BUG: The Average Visit Duration and Average Number of Unique Users reports display wrong decimal units in report generated mode.

BUG: A JavaScript error occurs when calling the CardioLog Agent client-based API function "SendEvent".

CHG: Improved performance for the Usage Data Processing service in case of over 100,000 temp events.

CHG: Enable text pasting in the Portal Item text box for "By URL" reports.

CHG: Enable Object Explorer search in the CardioLog Professional edition.

CHG: Enable Export to CSV and Generate Report in report Edit Mode for the Professional edition.

Note – If you have not upgraded your product to the latest release yet (CardioLog 2011 v2.0.3.0), it is highly recommended to do so and apply this patch.

CardioLog 2011 v2.0.3.0 includes lots of exciting features and UI changes. To see what's new see the CardioLog Release Notes.

Contact us to receive the license for the new version and the upgrade procedure instructions.

Support is given for CardioLog versions released during the past 18 months.


Editions and versions

This patch is compliant with CardioLog Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions, version


Installation Instructions

Download the patch from here.

It includes modified SQL stored procedures and updated application files. No downtime of the system is required.

See installation instructions in the embedded README file.

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