HotFix v2.0.7.2 for CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite Released!

We have released a HotFix for CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite v2.0.7.1, which includes the following fixes. If you have customized the Tracking Agent code in your environment (i.e. customized search) or the SharePoint Tree Adaptor (i.e professional services), please contact us before applying this HotFix.

BUG: Cannot filter by AD groups when using PII Concealment.
BUG: Error in the SharePoint Tree Adaptor (SQL Mode): "Operation failed. The index entry of length 904 bytes for the index 'IDX_sharepoint_tree_load_url' exceeds the maximum length of 900 bytes".
BUG: "Syntax error: Missing operand after 'ae01d1' operator" error in the SharePoint Tree Adaptor.
BUG: Arithmetic overflow error in the "All Traffic Sources" report.
BUG: Index was out of range error in the "Referring Sites" report.
BUG: "Subquery returned more than 1 value" error in the SharePoint Tree Adaptor.
BUG: The Average Duration report breaks when using German number formatting.
CHG: The Visitor Activity report can be filtered by Website Item and Date Range.
CHG: Improved performance for the Usage Data Processing job with Black List rules based on AD groups.
CHG: Improved usage tracking for SharePoint 2013 websites.
CHG: Ability to isolate usage events imported from IIS logs.
CHG: Enhanced performance for the Portal Tree Updates job.

Note – If you have not upgraded your product to the latest release yet (v2.0.7.0), it is highly recommended to do so (as detailed here) and apply HotFix v2.0.7.1, prior to applying this HotFix . Find out what's new by viewing our Release Notes.

The updated and improved version offers a new Visitor Engagement Package that includes tools to help you conduct Behavioral Targeting, deliver Voice of Customer surveys and measure the achievement of your Goals. The Engagement Package enables you to engage your portal users by delivering personalized content and by collecting user feedback.

Editions and versions
This HotFix is compliant with CardioLog Analytics Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions and SharePoint Marketing Suite Professional and Enterprise editions, version only. 
To find out what is your product version, go to Administration > Product License.

Installation Instructions
Download the HotFix from here.
It includes modified SQL stored procedures and updated application files. No downtime of the system is required.
See installation instructions in the embedded README file.

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