Update v2. for CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite Released!

Update for CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite [v2.]

We have released an update for CardioLog Analytics and SharePoint Marketing Suite [v2.], which includes the following updates and bug fixes.

If you have customized the Tracking Agent code in your environment (i.e. customized search) or the SharePoint Tree Adaptor (i.e professional services, custom sql files), please contact us before applying this update. 

NEW: Support for filtering by AD Users and Groups in Yammer reports 
NEW: Users Activity Yammer report
NEW: Support for filtering Sitrion Unique Idea Submitters and Unique Idea Voters reports by date range
CHG: Enhanced support for SharePoint 2013 in MDS mode 
CHG: Improved performance for the User Profiles report
CHG: Improved performance for the Social Updates job
CHG: Improved performance for retrieving updates from Yammer in the Social Updates job
CHG: The Sitrion Campaigns reports display data for published and un-published campaigns by default
CHG: Enhanced support for claims based authentication user logins in Sitrion Campaigns reports
CHG: Removed Active External Networks and External Network Activity Yammer reports
BUG: The SharePoint 2013 tree structure is missing wiki pages under the site pages list
BUG: “Exception: Sequence contains more than one element” error in Social Updates job
BUG: “An item with the same key has already been added” error in the Social Updates job
BUG: “Error in MakeGetRequest HTTP Status Code: 401” error in the Social Updates job when retrieving updates from Yammer
BUG: “That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers” server error in the CardioLog tracking agent web application under “_layouts”.
BUG: “Error: MDSLog: MDSFailover: A control was discovered which does not comply with MDS” error in the CardioLog tracking agent feature
BUG: “String or binary data would be truncated” error in the Users Activity report
BUG: Blank or ‘null’ user logins in the Followers report 
BUG: The Followers and Replies columns are empty in the Most Popular Content report
BUG: “Name cannot begin with the '%' character” error in the Content Size report 
BUG: No created date retrieved for attachments in Yammer
BUG: The Likes column is empty in the Yammer Groups Activity report
BUG: Error in the Yammer User Adoption chart report
BUG: No data retrieved for the Yammer “All Company” group
BUG: Incorrect data retrieved for Yammer praised users and followed users
BUG: Missing buttons in the SharePoint Online adaptor configuration page on IE 8


Editions and versions

This Update is compliant with CardioLog Analytics Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions and SharePoint Marketing Suite Professional and Enterprise editions, version and up only.

To find out what is your product version, go to Administration > Product License.

Installation Instructions

Download the update package from here.

Note: This update includes modified SQL stored procedures and updated application files. It does not require any downtime of SharePoint.

Right click on the downloaded package zip file, select Properties > General and click on "Unblock" before unzipping it.

See installation instructions in the embedded README file.

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