User Interface

The main screen includes the following sections:

  1. Report Center - create scheduled reports through diverse web analytics metrics. These reports can be exported and shared with colleagues and associates.
  2. Analysis Center - create real-time and ad-hoc web analytics reports.
  3. Optimization - quickly and continually and measure the effectiveness and relevance of content across any online channel.
  4. Acquisition - attract more visitors to the web site through campaigns and tracking links management, and improve the content and structure of your website by identifying SEO violations like broken links and performance issues.
  5. Visitor Engagement - create, design, and implement surveys and message bars through the website.
  6. Settings - create report templates, goals and visitor segments.
  7. Administration - Diagnostics and configurations.


SharePoint Marketing Suite main screen


  1. The left Navigation pane is used to navigate between the different parts of the system.
  2. The Central Area displays the data. This area displays the bread crumbs (upper part) for the item selected in the navigation pane.
  3. The Top Toolbar is used to quickly perform common functions.
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