System Components

Report Center

  • Generate and view scheduled reports.
  • Accessibility is provided to users assigned with any role function.
  • Specifically designed for information workers.
  • Once set by analysts, reports are produced instantaneously.
  • Users have the ability to export to a CSV/PDF/SharePoint Web Part and have an advantage of sharing it with associates and colleagues. 

Analysis Center

  • Designed for users assigned with the analyst role.
  • View real time statistical data of items within the monitored environment.
  • In order to select a desired item, users can: manually navigate within the tree, search Object Explorer, or explore user’s favorites.
  • Upon selecting an item, the user can choose a display template from a predetermined list. 


Put control directly in the hands of marketers in order to quickly and continually test and measure effectiveness of content across any online channel, and eventually increase content relevance.

  • A/B and Multivariate Testing - execute multiple A/B and multivariate tests, measure effectiveness and relevance of content on the site.


Help marketers attract more visitors to the web-site through these modules:

  • Affiliates - Define landing pages and URLs for affiliates, track traffic and monitor its behavior on the web-site.
  • Campaigns - Create a landing page and a friendly URL designated for a particular campaign. This tool allows consumers to follow and identify users derived from the campaign. Additionally, the reports compare the different traffic sources from which the campaigns are being launched, and monitor the number of goals each campaign is introducing.
  • SEO -  Improve the content and structure of your website, by identifying SEO violations like broken links and performance issues, to boost the number of converting visitors coming to your website from organic searches. 
  • Shorten Links - Create shorter links to redirect users to the original URL. Users are able to view the statistics for the shortened link clicks and are also given the opportunity to create personalized content from the Behavioural Targeting module for anyone who arrives from that shorten link.

Visitor Engagement

Attract prospective consumers according to their interests, engage site visitors with dynamic content created in response to their profile, and put the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

  • Behavioural Targeting - Create real-time website personalization rules that enable you to automatically display content designed to appeal to a specific visitor segment, profile or channel.
  • Surveys - Get feedback directly from your visitors by creating an online survey and present it in real time to a visitor from a certain segment – one who has remained on your website for more than 30 seconds, for example. It’s also possible to insert a piece of JavaScript code into a survey’s thank-you message that will drive a specific action, like directing the visitor to a promotional page. 
  • Message Bars - Place a full-width bar across the top of your site by using the message bar tool, to communicate important information without the need to overhaul any of the main content of your website.


  • Goals - Track specific actions people take on your website – from downloading a brochure to filling out a form to buy your product. 
  • Templates - Create report templates for use in the Report Center, Analysis Center, Report drill down and display within SharePoint via the "Site Actions" menu
  • Segments - Identify and categorize your visitors and discover how best to grab their attention and cater to their individual preferences, by using them in our optimization and engagement tools.


System administration is performed through the CardioLog administration user interface. Some features include administering the “Black List”, mapping URLs, and configuring Portal Adaptors. The Administration is designed for those assigned with an administrator role. For more information, visit the Administrator Guide.

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