Setting up Goals will provide you with the option to measure the site's performance.  It also enables you to see if you have achieved all that you set to accomplish.

For example, you can set a download page as your goal. The tool provides you with exactly how many users achieved this goal, and the path they have taken for this page.

In the reports section, you can create a report that shows informative Goal conversion funnels, tables, charts and summary widgets.

The Goals section is accessible from the Settings pane, simply click Goals and you will be presented with the following:


Goals main screen


How to create a new Goal

  1. Under the Settings pane, click Goals.
  2. In the Goals section click Add.
  3. In the Add Goal dialog, type the following:

    - Goal Name
    - Goal URL - The page which you set to be your goal
    - Goal Value - Any number that represents your value for achieving this goal.
    - Status - Active / Inactive. When the Goal is inactive, the Goal event won't be collected, however, the page view will be collected by the Tracking Agent.
    - Step <#> - Enter up to 8 URLs which will be the navigation path to achieve this Goal.

    Add Goal dialog

  4.  Click Save and the Goal will be added to Goals list. You can click on each of your Goals and edit them at later point in time.

Goals reports

The SharePoint Marketing Suite comes with out-of-the-box Goals reports as you can see in the following screen shot -
Goals Reports
One of the key Goal reports is the Goal Funnel report which shows a specific goal funnel. Within each box is the number and percentage of visitors who continued during each step. The boxes on the right hand side show how many people abandoned each step and where they went. The boxes on the left show how people arrived into the funnel and where they came from.
Please note, you are able to choose whether the Goal Funnel report requires all steps that were set when creating the Goal. That can be done by clicking Report Action, under the Advanced tab see Require First Step.
Goal Funnel Report

Goals as Reports Filter

The Goals that are set in the Goals section can also be used as report filters. This can be done by using the main filter that is applied for all widgets in the report, or by editing a specific widget.
The following steps describe how to add a Goal filter to a report:
  1. Open the report in Edit Mode.
  2. In the Preferences section > Visitor Segments, click the down arrow and Customize.
  3. Under User Behavior select the Goal you wish to use as a filter.
Select Visitor Segments


For a specific widget, click Report Action located in the top right of the widget, click Edit. In the pop-up window, go to the Filter tab and customize Visitor Segments.
Please note that you have the ability to choose a pre-defined Visitor Segment, or a specific Visitor Segment's filter. The Visitor Segments can be defined in the Settings pane.

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