Users assigned with the administrator role can use the Administration pane in order to configure the following system components:  

  • Black List - A list of rules (filters) for data that should not be collected, to eliminate irrelevant information.
  • CardioLog Scheduling Service - Performs different scheduled tasks such as: generating reports, sending email notifications, processing usage data, refreshing the portal tree structure, refreshing Active Directory data, and more.
  • IIS Logs Import – Importing information from IIS logs allows you to gather existing usage tracking data which is dated before the installation of CardioLog Analytics.
  • Product License - Provides information about the licensed product components and enables the installation of new licenses.
  • Roles - Assign system roles to users and groups in CardioLog Analytics and limit access to those with system roles.
  • System Configuration - Includes the Configuration Wizard used to configure language and date format, the SharePoint Tree Service (which provides the structure of the monitored environment) and the SharePoint Tracking Agent (which monitors site usage), and reporting data cache configuration.
  • System Diagnostics – A dashboard which displays the status of the CardioLog Scheduling Service components and tracking agents.
  • URL Mappings - A list of rules for modifying URL addresses which are collected by the tracking agent.
Administration Pane
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