IIS Logs Import

The IIS Logs Import feature allows you to gather your existing usage tracking data, dating before the installation of CardioLog Analytics. This is done by importing the information from IIS logs.

  1. In CardioLog application server, run Services.msc and stop CardioLog Scheduling Service.
  2. In the Administration tab, click IIS Logs Import (If you receive an error that you need to install Log Parser, download and install it on the main CardioLog Server).


  3. Select the web site and the desired date range.

    Note: Please choose dates prior to the CardioLog installation, or dates in which the CardioLog tracking agent was down. Choosing dates subsequent to these dates will result in duplication of usage tracking data. 


  4. Fill out the directory path of the IIS logs files for the SharePoint web site.

    Note: You may need to create a network share in order to access your WFE. If you have several WFE’s, you will need to repeat the import process for each WFE.

  5. Click on Show Advanced Settings.

    1. Under Included File Extensions, add all commonly used file extensions (ex. MS Office documents). Use the Enter key as a separator.

    2. Under Excluded User Accounts, add those SharePoint service accounts that you wish to exclude from the import process. These should be formatted thus: DOMAIN\Username. Use the Enter key as a separator.


    IIS Logs Import dialog

  6. Click the Import button to begin importing the usage data from IIS.
  7. Once all logs were imported, log in to CardioLog application server, run Services.msc and start CardioLog Scheduling Service.
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