Configuring Shorten Links

The Campaigns and Shorten Links modules in CardioLog Analytics and the SharePoint Marketing Suite use an automatic redirect mechanism, to allow you to shorten and brand your links.

In order to use these modules, creating a web application to serve as a URL Redirect engine is needed.

The 'Redirect' web application should be hosted on a web server accessible to all SharePoint users (with IIS 7.0 and up).

In order to create the 'Redirect' web application, perform the following steps:

  1. Copy the [CardioLog Installation Folder]\Redirect folder to a web server accessible to all SharePoint users (with IIS 7.0 and up).
  2. Create a new website in IIS named "Redirect".
  3. Set the Physical Path to the copied Redirect folder.
  4. Set the Redirect website application pool to run with the identity of the CardioLog service account, and set it to “Integrated” mode.
  5. Create a new DNS entry for your desired shorten link domain (e.g. http://intlock/) and make sure it is accessible from all workstations. 
  6. Set the Redirect website Bindings in IIS to the shorten link domain.
  7. Open the [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLog\web.config file on the CardioLog application server and edit the following key (include an ending slash):

    <add key="FriendlyUrlPrefix" value="http[s]://[shorten link domain]/" />
  8. In CardioLog Analytics/SharePoint Marketing Suite, go to Acquisition > Shorten Links and create a new short link, or go to Acquisition > Campaigns and create a new campaign with a tracking link.
  9. Verify that the domain for the generated short link is correct.
  10. Click the link to verify the redirection.
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