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Get real-time data on the usage of your website that you can analyze and act upon. The Analysis Center works through a website tree (Object Explorer), which maps out the entire content and structure of your website. You can click on any part of the website tree to view a real-time analysis of that part of your website. The Analysis Center’s search box helps you to find any specific sub-site, page or document you want to analyze. It’s possible to create a new analysis by using either the widgets of your choice or an existing analysis template, and you can then save your analysis in your Favorites.


How to Display Real-time Data

In Analysis Center, those assigned with an Analyst role are able to view real time data for any monitored page. The query results in Analysis Center are not used for distribution purposes, and are not saved in a historical format. The Navigation between the monitored pages is done in the Navigation panel with Object Explorer or with the user’s Favorite items. 

In the Navigation pane, under Analysis Center, click an item in either Object Explorer or in Favorites, then select Open.

Real time data for a selected item in Object Explorer


How to View Item Properties in Object Explorer

In the Navigation pane, under Analysis Center, click an item in Object Explorer and then select Properties.

View item properties in Object Explorer


Item properties dialog


How to Edit an Item in Object Explorer

Customize an item in Object Explorer by adding it to your Favorites:

In the Navigation pane, under Analysis Center, click an item in Object Explorer and select Add to My Favorites…


Add an item to My Favorites from Object Explorer


How to Switch Between Object Explorer and Favorites

Click the desired tab in the Navigation pane to switch between Object Explorer and Favorites.

Object Explorer displays all the monitored pages. Items which are also selected as Favorites are viewed in Italics.

Switch between Object Explorer and Favorites


How to Select a Template for an Item in Object Explorer

Each item type in Object Explorer has several preset templates which have been created by the Administrator. A user assigned with an Analyst role can select from a list of available templates located on the top right of the Central Area.

For more information see "How to create a new template".

Select a template for an item in Object Explorer


How to Set a Default Template for an Item

Authorized users can select a default template for a single item in Object Explorer:

  1. In the Navigation pane, under Analysis Center, click an item in Object Explorer and select Open.
  2. On the top of the Central Area, select a template from the list of templates.

Click Set as default.


How to Search Object Explorer

You can search Object Explorer using the search box in the Navigation pane:

  1. In the search box at the top of the Navigation pane, enter a search term and click the blue arrow.
  2. To search an item by its URL, select Search URLs.
  3. In the Search Results dialog, select the desired item and click Sync Explorer.
  4. Object Explorer displays the selected item.

To view an item as a web page, click Browse in the Search Results dialog.

Search box in the Navigation pane

Search Results dialog


How to Set View Permissions for Items in Object Explorer

The system administrator can set view permissions for any user or group in Active Directory, for items in Object Explorer. The permissions are collective, meaning they are applied for an item and its child items in Object Explorer.

  1. In the Navigation pane, under Analysis Center, click an item in Object Explorer and select Permissions…
  2. In the Permissions dialog, click Add, then enter the user/group name and select the View check box.
    User permissions precede group permissions. To grant permissions to all users, select the default group “All”.
  3. While entering the user/group name, click Ctrl+K to search for a user/group.
  4. Select the desired result and click OK.
  5. To save the permissions, click Save.


Permissions menu option


Permissions dialog


How to Display Deleted Items in Object Explorer

Any items that have been previously deleted from the monitored environment are saved in Object Explorer. Reports and real time queries are available for deleted items.

  1. In the Navigation pane, under Analysis Center, click Show Deleted Items.
  2. The deleted items are displayed in Object Explorer in red.



Deleted item in Object Explorer



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