Pageviews by Page Type

This report shows the number of times your SharePoint web pages were viewed, grouped by SharePoint item types - such as Team Site homepage, Wiki page, documents, blog posts, etc.

A pageview is an instance of a page being loaded by a browser. Each view of the same SharePoint page by the same visitor is counted as an independent pageview.

You can select which SharePoint item types to show in the report in the "Advanced" tab within the table widget preferences or the "Group By" tab within the chart widget preferences.


Available Report Widgets

Chart, Table


Table Widget

The Page Views by Page Type table widget contains the following columns:

Title: The page title or URL

Views: The number of times the page or document was viewed.

Unique Users: The number of single visitors as identified by login information, or an anonymous cookie, or IP address.

Duration: The average time spent by visitors on a SharePoint page

Exit Rate:  The percentage of times a specific SharePoint page was the last page in a visit to the web site.

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