Visitor Information

This report displays profile and behavioral properties for a selected visitor for his entire visitor history.


To view visitor information for a specific user you can:

  • Select a specific user from the Unique Users table widget.
  • Filter this report by a specific user (use the Users and Groups filter).

This report contains the following information:

Username: The username, cookie identifier, or IP address of the visitor.
Location: The visitor's country. Multiple values reflect a change in visitor IP address.
First seen: Date of the first visit to the website.
First page: The visitor's first landing page.
Original traffic source:  The first channel with which the visitor interacted.
Last traffic source: The last channel with which the visitor interacted.
OS: The visitor's operating system. For authenticated users, multiple values reflect a change in the visitor's operating system.
Browser: The visitor's browser. For authenticated users,multiple values reflect a change in the visitor's browser.
Conversions: The number of goal conversions.
User categories: User information extracted from Active Directory, SharePoint profiles, Dynamics CRM and other custom sources.

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