Landing Pages

This report shows the first page visitors view during a session (also known as the entrance page).


You can use the Landing Pages report to answer a variety of questions about the performance of your website, such as: "What pages are serving as an introduction to your website?" and  "How well is each landing page performing?". If you have set up segments in CardioLog Analytics, use them to see how different groups of people arrive on your website.

The report's table widget displays the entry pages which belong to visits performed on the selected SharePoint site. The chart and meter widgets show the number of entry pages for the selected SharePoint site.


Available Report Widgets

Meter, Chart, Table


Table Widget

The Landing Pages table widget contains the following columns:

Title: The page title or URL

Entries: The number of visit entries from the page

Views: The number of times the page or document was viewed.

Bounce Rate:  The percentage of single-page visits.

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