External Destinations

This report shows the number of clicks on outbound links (links that lead away from your site).

CardioLog Analytics automatically identifies links to external websites and resources, and measures the total number of clicks on each one of these links.

An external link is defined as such if its' domain (and port number) differ from the domain (and port number) of the visited page. For example, when visiting the page http://emea.corp.com/, the following links are considered external links: http://emea.corp.com:8082/, http://us.corp.com/

You can display the data in different modes in the Advanced section within the widget preferences.

  • In order to display the clicked links within the selected Website Item home page select All Pages > No.
  • In order to display the clicked links within all child items of a selected Website Item select All Pages > Yes.


Available Report Widgets



Table Widget

The External Destinations table widget contains the following columns:

URL: The URL of the outbound link.

Clicks: The number of clicks on the outbound link.

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