SEO Reports

SEO reports can help you improve the content and structure of your website. These reports identify SEO violations and problems like broken links, accessibility and performance issues, thus boosting the number of converting visitors coming to your website from organic searches.

  • Create scheduled website crawls and get an SEO report for every crawl job
  • Detect SEO violations that could negatively affect your website, and decrease the chances that it will be found and ranked well by search engines.
  • Apply SEO best practices to your landing pages such as: 
    1. Picking a primary keyword for each landing page and placing it in your headline and sub-headline.
    2. Include keywords in the body content, as well as in the file name of images and the page URL. Avoid keyword stuffing that may cause spam penalties.
    3. Avoid dedicating a large fraction of the landing page to ads.

The following SEO reports are available in CardioLog Analytics:


Note: In order to perform detailed analysis of the site's structure and content, CardioLog Analytics uses the built-in IIS SEO Toolkit web crawler to analyze all the available web site content.

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