Visitor Loyalty

This table shows how often visitors visit a website item. The "Visits" column counts the number of visits over a specific range of time. For each of these visits, the "Number of Visits" column sums the number of visits per each visitor (including current visit). The Percentage of All Visits column shows the percentage of Visits of all the visits over a specific range of time.

Visitor Loyalty is a good metric for enterprise organizations because it gives insights as to whether visitors have a reason to come back, to engage, and to interact. Simply put, Visitor Loyalty is just how many times visitors visit the site within a specified date range. The real foundation for portal success is a large and loyal set of visitors. To constantly improve portal adoption, stake-holders and administrators need to understand who are the loyal visitors and what makes them loyal. Empowering visitors who display loyal behavior can start a chain reaction, thus leveraging these users to motivate others in their networks to jump on the SharePoint train.



Available Report Widgets



Table Widget

The Visitor Loyalty table widget contains the following columns:

Number of Visits: The number of times a visitor has previously visited.

Visits: The number of visits. Visits are a series of SharePoint page requests from the same uniquely identified client with a time of no more than 30 minutes between each page request.

Percentage of All Visits: The percentage of visits out of all visits.

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