Depth of Visit

This table shows the distribution of the number of pages in each visit. The Visits column counts the number of visits over a specific range of time. For each visit, the Depth of Visit column indicates the number of pages that were viewed in that visit. The Percentage of All Visits column shows the percentage of Visits column of all the visits over a specific range of time.

Are your visitors just merely reading the pages of your portal that they specifically need, or are they digging deeper to discover an entire world of content that can be of resource to them? Based upon the goals of your enterprise and it's purpose of using SharePoint, you can first determine what is the target average page view rate. If your goal is to have your users come into your portal and find the relevant information to them as quickly and efficiently as possible, then having a low average page view rate may not be as detrimental to your overall SharePoint success. For many organizations, time is money. Thus, if users seem to be spending too much time and visiting too many pages in the portal because they're not finding the right information they need, then you may need to reassess your strategy. 

However, many organizations seek higher average page view rates because that can be indicative that your users are finding interesting information, and are navigating to other pages to seek out more information on the portal. This can be a good sign in terms of increasing user adoption and engagement. It all depends on how you set your goals, and what kind of feedback your're getting from your users. Pairing this report with voice of customer surveys, and on-site search reports can help you attain a holistic view  of how accessible your portal is to your users. 



Available Report Widgets



Table Widget

The Depth of Visit table widget contains the following columns:

Depth of Visit: The number of pages viewed in a visit.

Visits: The number of visits. Visits are a series of SharePoint page requests from the same uniquely identified client with a time of no more than 30 minutes between each page request.

Percentage of All Visits: The percentage of visits out of all visits.

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