Visitor Recency

This table shows how long it has been since a visitor last visited a website item. The Visits column counts the number of visits over a specific range of time. For each visit, the Last Visit column indicates when a visitor or visitors last visited the site. The Percentage of All Visits column shows the percentage of Visits column of all the visits over a specific range of time.

How long does it take your users before they decide to come back and visit the portal? Visitor recency can indicate your users' level of engagement with the portal. To measure improvement, it's necessary to make comparisons over time. If your users are revisiting the portal more frequently, you can assume that the content provided on the portal is engaging and helpful to them. Thinking of ways to encourage people to return to the portal is necessary for ensuring portal stability and overall retention rates. The trick is finding ways to tempt users with something to come back for. A series of posts that tell a story, competitions within the portal, frequently updated newsletters, and employee highlights are all great ways to grab user attention and keep them coming back for more.



Available Report Widgets



Table Widget

The Visitor Recency table widget contains the following columns:

Last Visit: The number of days before a visit was tracked.

Visits: The number of visits. Visits are a series of SharePoint page requests from the same uniquely identified client with a time of no more than 30 minutes between each page request.

Percentage of All Visits: The percentage of visits out of all visits.

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