I receive "Service Unavailable" when I launch CardioLog

Verify that ASP.NET is enabled in IIS, and that the CardioLog application pool account is a member of the local IIS_WPG group (for IIS 6.0 only). If you still receive "Service Unavailable", then you need to configure the CardioLog application pool identity:

  1. You might have misspelled the application pool account password. Open IIS Manager and re-type the password for the CardioLog application pool identity.
  2. If you still receive "Service Unavailable", then use IIS manager to configure a new identity for the CardioLog applications pool. Use a domain account which is a local administrator, and which has a db_owner role for the CardioLog database. For IIS 6.0, also verify that the account is a member of your local IIS_WPG group.
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