What is the CardioLog architecture?

CardioLog is an integrative solution which offers monitoring and reporting for enterprise portals of various technologies. Unlike other web analytic tools, CardioLog offers statistical aggregations based on the logical structure of the portal, in addition to aggregations which are based on a physical structure (URL address).

The CardioLog solution includes the following separate components:

  1. CardioLog Database - A repository for storing all tracking and reporting data.
  2. CardioLog UI - A web application for configuring and viewing the web analytics reports.
  3. Portal Tree Service - A web service which provides the structure of the monitored portal.
  4. Tracking Agent - A JavaScript tag which is included in the portal pages and monitors site usage.
  5. CardioLog API - A set of web services provided by CardioLog, which include functionalities such as -system health checks, custom events, custom data queries and integration with custom log files.
  6. CardioLog Scheduling Service - A Windows services which runs scheduled jobs, such as: report creation, report distribution via email, usage data processing, portal structure updates, Active Directory data updates, and more.
  7. CardioLog Diagnostics Service - A Windows service which runs the health checks for the system.
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