Post Installation Steps

Please perform the following steps to complete the product configuration and ensure system health:

1. System Requirements
Verify that your system meets the minimum hardware and software requirements.
2. Usage Data Collection
  1. Verify usage data collection on each web application. 
  2. Verify that you do not exceed the number of page views, SharePoint Farms and WFEs allowed in your license (see the [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLogSchedulingServices\Logs\Maintenance.log and OMAgent.log files).
  3. Consult our support team if your website is accessed via NLB, VPN, FW/Proxy, SSL, public/alternate URLs, internal/external, direct/remote. 
  4. Consult our support team if you have made any customizations in your SharePoint environment (i.e customized search pages).
3. System Configuration and Monitoring
  1. Assign an administrator who will be responsible for product maintenance. 
  2. Assign roles for users.
  3. Configure email alerts for scheduled services and event collection thresholds that will be sent to the administrator.
  4. Configure the Active Directory Updates service in order to segment authenticated visitors by their user names and their groups.
4. Optimization and Fine Tuning

The fine tuning process is essential to ensure qualitative and accurate data. It is highly recommended to perform this process 2-3 weeks after the initial installation on the production environment.

  1. Execute the SQL script to identify lost events and send the results to our support team
  2. Define URL mappings if needed.
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