What log files are created by CardioLog and where are they located?

The CardioLog log files are located in the [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLogScheduleServices\Logs folder.

The following log files are created by default -

  1. CardioLog Scheduling Service - CardioLogServices.log
  2. CardioLog Diagnostics Service - CardioLogSystemMonitoringServices.log
  3. Active Directory Updates - ADAgent.log
  4. Portal Tree Updates - OMAgent.log
  5. Usage Data Processing - Maintenance.log
  6. Report Scheduling - CardioLogScheduler.log
  7. User Categories - CategoryAgent.log
  8. Usage Data Processing (Remote Environments) - OffsiteAgent.log

These files are limited to 8MB each.


In addition, CardioLog creates the following XML files -

  1. Active Directory Updates - ADTree.xml
  2. Portal Tree Updates - OMTree.xml
  3. User Categories Updates - Categories.xml  

The XML files are not limited in size.


When extended logging is turned on, the following log files are created -

  1. ADTree web application (extended logging for Active Directory Updates) - ADXmlTree.log
  2. SP20XXTree web application (extended logging for Portal Tree Updates) - SP20XXTree.log
  3. CardioLog Scheduling Service (extended logging for service components) - CardioLogServiceComponents.log
  4. VisitorSegments web application (extended logging for User Categories Updates) - VisitorSegments.log
  5. CardioLog web application (extended logging for the CardioLog UI) - CardioLogUI.log
  6. Redirect web application (extended logging for the Shorten Links module) - Redirect.log

These files are not limited in size. To save a significant amount of disk space, turn off extended logging (it is used for troubleshooting purposes only).

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