How can I turn on/off extended logging for CardioLog system components?

In order to turn on message logging to trace the CardioLog service components, add the "Message" switch to the "logType" key in the component configuration file -


<add key="logType" value="Message,Warning,Error" />



In order to turn off message logging for the CardioLog service components, remove the "Message" switch from the "logType" key in the component configuration file -


<add key="logType" value="Warning,Error" />



Configuration Files

  1. ADTree web application (extended logging for Active Directory Updates, creates the ADXmlTree.log file) - [CardioLog Installation Folder]\ADTree\web.config
  2. SP20XXTree web application (extended logging for Portal Tree Updates, creates the SP20XXTree.log file) - [CardioLog Installation Folder]\SP20XXTree\web.config
  3. CardioLog Scheduling Service (extended logging for service components, creates the CardioLogServiceComponents.log file) - [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLogScheduleServices\CardioLog.Services.exe.config
  4. VisitorSegments web application (extended logging for User Categories Updates, creates the VisitorSegments.log file) - [CardioLog Installation Folder]\VisitorSegments\web.config
  5. CardioLog web application (extended logging for the CardioLog UI, creates the CardioLogUI.log file) - [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLog\web.config
  6. Redirect web application (extended logging for the Shorten Links module) - [CardioLog Installation Folder]\Redirect\web.config
  7. EventCollector web application (extended logging for the EventCollector website) - [CardioLog Installation Folder]\EventCollector\web.config


You can also easily edit the log type via IIS Manager for web applications as follows:

  1. In the CardioLog server open the IIS manager (Run > Inetmgr)
  2. In the Connections panel, expand the server node > Sites > CardioLog website
  3. In the Connections panel, click on the web application of your choice

  4. Double-click on Application Settings (in the ASP.NET section)

  5. Double-click on logType, modify the value from "Warning,Error" to "Message,Warning,Error"  and click OK




In order to execute the CardioLog service component immediately, follow the instructions here -

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