I get the following error when running Portal Tree Updates: "Error: trying to remove main branch, persist stopped."

This is a safety mechanism which is triggered in order to prevent the removal of a monitored environment from CardioLog (i.e. a SharePoint farm, a custom website).

It is raised when removing a tree adaptor web service URL from the web services list in Portal Tree Updates service configuration.

If you wish to bypass the safety mechanism and remove a monitored environment (= a main tree branch in the CardioLog tree structure), follow these steps:

  1. Execute the following query against the CardioLog database:

    SELECT [url],[location]
    FROM [CardioLog].[dbo].[tab_sharepoint_tree]
    WHERE LEN(location) = 12

  2. Copy the [location] value of the monitored environment you wish to remove from the above query. Place it in the following query (replace 'location to remove' with the actual value):

    INSERT INTO [CardioLog].[dbo].[tab_exclude_main_branches]
    ('location to remove here')
  3. Run the Portal Tree Updates service.

Note: The removed monitored environment will be marked as deleted in the CardioLog tree structure. In order to view history usage data in reports for it, go to the Analysis Center and click Show Deleted Items. The removed monitored environment tree branch will appear in red in the tree structure and will be available for reporting.

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