I get the following error when exporting a report to PDF: "Navigation to the webpage was canceled"

When exporting a report to PDF and opening the PDF file, you may encounter the "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" error. 

The export operation is executed on the CardioLog server. It opens a web browser object with the report, takes a screenshot of it and saves it as a PDF file. This process can fail if the report URL is inaccessible locally on the CardioLog server, due to insufficient permissions or security restrictions.

In order to resolve the issue, open [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLog\web.config and edit the following key value: 

<add key="CardioLogPDFRoot" value="http://[CardioLog Host Name]:[CardioLog Port Number]/" />

[CardioLog Host Name] - the CardioLog server name
[CardioLog Port Number] - the CardioLog port number (the default port is 29999)

Change the [CardioLog Host Name] value to "localhost",  CardioLog server IP or to the CardioLog server name including the fully qualified domain name and try the export again.

If this was not helpful, try the following steps:

  1. Verify that the CardioLog application pool user is a local administrator, and that there are no group policy settings or security restrictions (popup blockers, proxy rules, disable scripts etc.) on the CardioLog server IE browser. 
  2. Turn off UAC - User Account Control on the CardioLog server: Open Control Panel > System and Security > Change User Account Control Settings > Adjust it to "Never Notify"
  3. Make sure to have all CardioLog URLs (localhost, IP, server name, FQDN) in Trusted Sites both in server and client. In the CardioLog server IE's Internet Options, in the Security tab, uncheck "Enable Protected Mode" and lower down "Security Level For This Zone". Close IE. 
  4. In order to test the Export to PDF exe: 
    • Log in to the CardioLog server with the CardioLog user account and open CMD.
    • Change directory to [CardioLog installation folder]\CardioLog\Data\ExportToPdf 
    • Execute the following command:

      ExportToPDF.exe "
      http://[CardioLog Host Name]:[CardioLog Port Number]/CardioLog/clreport/index.aspx?action=open^^entityId=[Report EntityID]^^" "C:\Program^Files\Intlock\CardioLog\CardioLog\Data\ExportToPDF\temp\export_pdf_test.pdf" 

      [CardioLog Host Name]:[CardioLog Port Number] - should be the same value as in the "CardioLogPDFRoot" key in the CardioLog\web.config file.
      [Report EntityID] - Report Ids can be found in the CardioLog database, in the tab_virtual_tree table - EntityId column. You can also select a report in the CardioLog UI, click Browse and get the entity id from the URL.

      A pdf file named "pdf_test.pdf" will be created in the following location: [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLog\Data\ExportToPdf\Temp
Please contact Intlock Support if you need any further assistance.
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