How do I create the CSV of my Site Collection for the SharePoint Online Adaptor?

To import your SharePoint Online Site Collection into CSV that will then be applied via the SharePoint Online Tree Adapator, please use the following steps:


1) Create a folder on the root drive (If not C:/ just change location in script) called Scripts.
2) Make a .CSV file called NewSiteCollections.csv (c:\scripts\NewSiteCollections.csv)
3) Open SharePoint Online Management Shell and use these lines of code:

$csvfile = ‘c:\scripts\NewSiteCollections.csv’

Connect-SPOService -Url https://[login] -Credential [Login]

Get-SPOSite | Export-CSV $csvfile

4) Change login to correct variable.
5) If you get a "Failure to recognise Connect-SPOService" , update to latest Management Shell here :
6) Place attached file in [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLog\Bin
7) Open CardioLog > Administration> System Configuration > SharePoint Tree Adaptor > SharePoint Online.
8) Put the location of the CSV file containing the Site Collection list and click apply.
9) Choose the websites you would like to track.

Please run this script on a regular basis or automate it in so that it will run daily and update the CSV.

This is for if you make any changes to your Online environment they will reflect in your Portal Tree and your Reports!

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