I get the following error when investigating why tracking is not working '"Error in '_layouts/CardioLogAgent' Application: That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers"

You may notice that once you have completed the installation of CardioLog and updated to the latest Minor Version or just updated to the latest Minor Version, that tracking has stopped and upon further investigation through Browser Dev Tools that you receive the stated error.

This is because when you downloaded the latest Minor Version Files, you might have forgotten to Right Click on the Zip > Properties > Click Unblock at the bottom.

In some environments with particular Security Measures, any files that have .dll's in them will take precautions and block them.


The two methods to resolve this are:

1: Go to the original downloaded .zip files and perform the steps mentioned earlier, once that is done, all you need to do it is Copy the contents of the unzipped folder (Same as initial update ) to the CardioLog Installation folder and (If you are using our Feature WSP through SharePoint Central Admin)  the contents of the CardioLogAgent Folder (From the zip) to the CardioLog Agent File on all your WFE's under the layouts folder.

2: Go to each individual API.dll and unblock it (Long, Unnecessary and time consuming).


Clear your Browser Cookies and Cache and test to see if tracking is now functional.

Sometimes an IIS Reset is required on the WFE and CardioLog Application Server to set the ball rolling again.

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