First Aid actions for troubleshooting errors in CardioLog

Use the following simple guidelines to start troubleshooting various errors in CardioLog:

First, answer the following questions - 

  1. Which CardioLog edition and version are you using? (CardioLog > General Administration > Product License)
  2. Are you encountering a data collection issue (tracking agent), a reporting issue (CardioLog UI and reports), or a CardioLog Windows Service issue?

Secondly, here are some first aid actions -

Data Collection Issues

  1. Browse your SharePoint portal and then press Ctrl+F12. Verify you see the CardioLog tracking agent pop-up with a valid ID number.
  2. If the ID shows "None" - press Ctrl+F10 and send us the prompt content.
  3. If you cannot see the CardioLog tracking agent pop-up, verify that the CardioLog tracking code is installed correctly (see - Troubleshooting the Tracking Agents)
  4. A new agent console replaced the Ctrl+F12 popup from version and up. The console will be visible only to users with a link to it. Follow the instructions in http://server:port/CardioLog/Configuration/AgentConsoleBookmarklet.aspx (edit the CardioLog server name and port) to add the agent console link to your browser.
    a) Click the "Agent Console" bookmark and wait for several seconds. Verify you see the tracking agent console.
    b) Click the "Only events" tab. The last line should say: "events: event sent. status: 0"

Reporting Issues

To troubleshoot empty usage reports, see - Troubleshooting Empty Reports

CardioLog Windows Service Issue

  1. Verify that the CardioLog Windows Services are started.
  2. Send us the log files (*.log) from - [CardioLog Installation Folder]\CardioLogScheduleServices\Logs
  3. To troubleshoot service errors, see - Troubleshooting the CardioLog Services
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